Text 13 Jun I went on an adventure for a few days. I’ve returned now.
Text 10 Jun 2 notes Today is a good day!

I can take on anything! I’m ready!

Text 9 Jun *prances about the meadows*
Text 7 Jun

ooc;; gotta hit the hay, guys. Night!

Text 7 Jun 7 notes showing off my humans.



-He’d life his brow, hearing the horse neigh from not to fair, holding his cat close to his chest and petting her chin. Staring over toward the direction where he was sure that Altivo was walking from- … Altivo? what is it, boy? 

-sees Tulio and Larisa- 

ok… This is Tulio. He’s one of the humans ,He’s pretty nice. 

And he’s holding a kitten , she is nice too. 

*pokes his nose in Tulio’s direction, sniffing the air*

Positive he’s nice?

*cautiously steps closer, whinnying softly*

Text 7 Jun 7 notes showing off my humans.


- walks into Camp and then looks around with Spirit- 

*stays close, but walks ahead some, curious*

Text 7 Jun 1 note youjustgesturedtoallofme started following you

*nibbles at fur vest*

Text 7 Jun wontboreyouwithmyscars started following you


*quiet whinny*

Text 7 Jun lord-tulio started following you

*inspecting gaze*

Photo 7 Jun 56 notes *sneeze*


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